A few weeks ago I read one of Eve's (my 15 year old) poems from the stage. A few of you asked me about it. So, although I don't quite have all of it, here is the excerpt I read, posted here.

A powerful fleshing out of creativity, compassion and desire sparked by mission.


Eve Ariel Sanders

People ask me what I wanna be when I grow up.

I want to sit on the Skyway bridge and tell jumpers about Jesus.

...because Satan will whisper horror in your ears,

breathing life in your fears,

tears streaming,

lies steaming from the pot left on boil.

And that pot sits on the edge of the skyway bridge,

ear muffs cuffed the space between your skull,

I can feel god trying to break through these walls,

don't fall.

Little pot, he can turn off that scorching fire,

tired I see you tire

holding on to the skyway wires asking to be caught.

I think someone ought to,

'daddy's got you'

And in my head I see the already dead passing me

on this skyway bridge.

Empty bikes left propped up against the side,

souls that tried to hide,

thinking life's an empty ride.

My my my child

I don't wanna have to see any more of these parked cars and vacant bikes.

So I'll sit and sleep,

drift deep,

and weep all on the cold shuddering concrete

of this depressed bridge.

Maybe my years

my tears

my biggest fears

will fill up the ocean below so high

that when lost souls cry,

try to die.

I'll catch them with my weary waves.

Love them for endless days

because you see, that's all he's ever done for me.

and they say you'd pay

but if you keep looking at it their way,

then salt water heals wounds.

So you'll be better tomorrow little pot,

because tomorrow is another day.

Sorrow is the simple way

but he has turned off the stove.

Flames lick the empty spot where you once sat,

hoping to consume you

but he can move you,

save you,

redeem you,

fill your empty cup

and That's what's I wanna be when I grow up.

EDIT: We've attached a video of Brian's reading from the Core Sunday message, below.

Brian Sanders