Crucible is back on this weekend.

The building is still in process (bathrooms, offices and classrooms are unfinished, there is no AC yet, etc.) but the city has granted us permission to meet on Sundays while we finish it up — and we're excited.

We start our first Sunday in our new building with what will be the first of four series from the book of Genesis. This first series, THE MAKER, begins with the nature of God and the origin of all things.

Come a few minutes early this week to make sure you figure out where you are going, find parking, and other things we haven’t thought of yet. It is going to take some time for us to figure out how to use the space and to run Crucible inside of it, so please be patient and gracious with us. I fully expect at least one or two things to not work or to give us some problems, but if we are all light-hearted and flexible it will be fun.

Our address is 1925 2nd Ave in Ybor. We are close to the corner of 2nd Ave and 22nd Street, Adjacent to IKEA.

See you Sunday.

Brian Sanders