Elders in Training

A year-long training platform for a cohort of apostolic leaders, helping them build a biblical model for their microchurch as they seek to embody worship, community and mission.


A new training platform coming soon.

Underground Courses

An online catalog of free classes covering a variety of topics, meant to assist leaders with missional concepts as they takes steps to grow in the faith and their calling.


Open Source Seminars

A varied collection of seminars populated based on the suggestions our our community as well as voted on and lead by our community.

Calling Lab

An online course that is meant to guide groups or individuals toward a better understanding of God's specific purposes for their lives.


A course for new followers of Jesus, taking them through the basics of the faith, designed to get them acquainted with the theology of Christianity.


Haiti Mission School

A liminal experienced revolving around urban theology and global poverty meant to stretch and challenge leaders.


A reoccurring platform hosting 8 week long classes offering seminary level education within a missiological framework.

Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit is an annual conference for microchurch leaders to plan for the coming year within an event that offers worship, plenaries, seminars and coaching to help further their thinking.





The training platforms available fall within a continuum and offer a linear path an individual or microchurch could follow to maximize growth and development.


We also offer a robust catalog of training resources, covering worship, community, mission, leadership, etc, in pdf format on our resource page. 


If you have any questions about the training environments and would like to talk to the director of training, please feel free to send an email.