Unearthed is a community of people who desire to use athletics to incarnate The Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to all people. Our target is the marginalized, fatherless areas of our city who have limited access to mentor figures in their lives. Athletics is one of the few things that has the power to universally break down barriers and bring people together. We want to see this sports complex bring together the community and change lives in His name. 



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Mariah Olive

I grew up with soccer, with sports and teams and coaches and teammates. It shaped me into who I am today. Each coach I had was a mentor who taught me both on and off the field. Every teammate walked with me through the thick and thin of life. Each team is your family.

I began playing soccer at the age of four. It was an after school program because my parents worked late, essentially it was to fill my time. Fourteen years later I had been playing club ball since middle school and was traveling the United States playing on different fields every month. Soccer became my passion, it drove me to reach higher heights constantly. This was all in search of a soccer scholarship for college. I was immensely blessed to accept an offer from Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi and began a rigorous and intense training schedule.

From there I, in short, played all four years of Division 1 collegiate soccer. I was in and out of the weight room just as much as the classroom. On the field 20 hours a week and traveling for weekends. Showing up during good and bad to earn a bachelor’s degree in communication. These four years I grew so much spiritually, physically, and mentally. Jesus guided me through this, I wouldn’t have played all four years of college soccer if it weren’t for the voice of Christ.I want to give this to someone, I want to show the work that Jesus did in my life to get me where I am today. This is what Unearthed is about, doing life with one another in Christ.



I have been an average athlete who tried hard my entire life. I was never naturally gifted growing up and I was always taught to leave everything on the field because I never knew which game would be my last. That mindset became an obsession for me and I began to improve everything about my game that I could. I played D1 baseball at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Navarro College and Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. I got stronger, faster, more flexible, more determined and more lost because my identity had become rooted in how good of a baseball player I was.  

I realized I needed more than baseball, I needed to follow Jesus and find my identity in the calling to pursue the lost, the marginalized and the downtrodden. I was offered to play professionally in an Independent League and felt God calling me away from baseball to pursue my MBA at the University of Tampa.  I got plugged in with the Underground Network and felt closer to God than I ever had been simply by being in community with missionaries.   

I am a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under 3rd degree black belt Michael Yanez and have an amateur MMA octagon record of 2-1. I want to utilize my talents and connections in strength and conditioning, baseball, MMA, yoga and soccer to help reach the inner city community in Tampa. The platform of elite training and athletics have the power to universally break down barriers and give me the opportunity to love and reach people no matter where they are at.  I think Unearthed can make an impact for people by introducing them to a healthy lifestyle and more importantly the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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