The Way of the Kingdom

We have intentionally made the church small and simple, entrusting the goods of the church into the hands of the priesthood of all believers. Though it feels we often communicate about this ecclesiology in terms of missionary effectiveness. Of course, this isn’t bad, but our leaders also need to know that small, lowly, and often seemingly foolish ministry isn’t just an effective strategy, but intrinsically more valuable in the eyes of the Kingdom than worldly alternatives. A great threat to our microchurch leaders is the allure of the world, it’s false wisdom, strength, and celebrity impulse, which will constantly pull missionaries away from the impulse of the Kingdom like a Sirens Song. Our leaders need a word not of strategy, but of value.

Stay foolish. Stay Weak. Stay lowly.

For the kingdom belongs to such as these.

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Darryl Williamson

Pastor Darryl Williamson
Senior Pastor, Living Faith Bible Fellowship

Pastor Darryl Williamson is also a member on the Leadership Council of The Gospel Coalition and has a gospel-centered concern for spiritual formation, racial reconciliation, restorative justice, faith-work-economics, ethics and theology, and church history. He has contributed to two books, 12 Faithful Men: Portraits of Faithful Endurance in Pastoral Ministry and All Are Welcome: Toward a Multi-Everything Church. He is currently resuming work on a Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.




6:00pm - Registration and Reception

7:00pm - Session 1 | Darryl Williamson


8:45am - Late Registration

9:00am - Session 2 | Darryl Williamson

10:20am - Coaching Cohort 1

11:20am - Break

11:30am - Coaching Cohort 2

12:30pm - Lunch in the Food Court

2:00-4:00pm - Microchurch Planning Time + Coaching Bar

4:00pm - Session 3 | Prayer + Worship


10:30 - Session 4 | Lucas Pulley

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Keisha Polonio
From the Wilderness to Called Leader: Cultivating Calling in Emerging Leaders


Jeremy Stephens
From Lost to Surrendered: Equipping Others to Give Invitations to Faith

Tomy Wilkerson

Tomy Wilkerson
From Surrendered to Becoming a Disciple: Having a Basic Discipleship Plan


Leann Theivagt
From Discipleship to Fellowship in Suffering: Intentional Leadership in and through Liminality


Lucas Pulley
From Potentially Missional to Activated: Leading People into Missional Life