First 7 Fast

All the things that God has called us to in mission are beyond us. He gives us dreams bigger than our capacity and exceeding our strength (at least in part) so that we would need him. Mission that can be accomplished on human strength alone is insufficient. Of all the things we can do in the pursuit of our mission, perhaps the most profound, the most effective, is to pray.

So we are again inviting our whole community to start the year with a period of prayer and fasting. Fasting is about focus, it is about the supremacy of God in all things and the weakness in us to do anything meaningful without him. We fast so that we can see the truth. That he matters more than food, that he is our sustenance, that apart from him we can do nothing.  There are lots of ways to fast, to find this focus, and we are calling all our leaders to find one (and for the first 7 days of the year) fast with us.

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