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Welcome to the 2018 Semester


The Underground Institute is an eight-week training platform designed to give missionaries seminary level education within a missional framework. Throughout the entire catalogue we offer a variety of classes that all represent the manifesto in some way, and each summer semester is a sampling of this class list. These classes are organized to inspire, inform, equip and empower missionaries, both locally and globally, to better do ministry in their current context. The Institute runs like a typical college class might, incorporating homework, quizzes, tests, papers, assignments, and projects.

We're excited to offer several features in the Institute this summer. Here is a quick glance at them:


Choose from 6 courses to help you advance your training

Take advantage of a Pay-What-You-Want system

Find the semester that fits your schedule

Host or attend a satellite class to participate outside Tampa


Take a look at the classes

This summer, we're offering 6 different classes. All classes will be taught from/to a missionary perspective and within a small (micro) church context.  Below are cards that give you basic information at a glance, and then more information (like a description and a syllabus) when you click on them

Learn About Satellite Classes

Host a Satellite Class

All of our classes are hosted in Tampa, but we offer some of them via live stream. If you're in a city outside of Tampa but are still interested in attending a course with your community, you can toggle the switch below to see which courses are available to translocal communities. If you're interested in hosting a satellite class for your city, email us at

Tampa courses
Satellite-available courses

Register for a course

If you're ready to sign up for a class, simply click the 'Register' button below and you'll be begin to the sign up process. Just to let you know, after you chose your classes and select your Pay-What-You-Want option, you'll be asked to either make your full payment or a deposit. You'll need to have an online payment form ready. 


Minimum Registration For Each Class

Each class has a minimum number needed for the class to run. Below is the number of people  needed for each class in order for it to run. If a class you're interested in doesn't have the minimum number needed, help us promote and recruit for that class so we can offer it this summer!


Classes Starting in June

Redemptive Shepherding
X more needed
Origins in the Old Testament
X more needed
Missional Formation
X more needed

Classes Starting in July

Devoted Women
X more needed
Restorative Justice & Jubilee
X more needed
Darkness & Dawn
X more needed