Mshauri Mentors

Mshauri Mentors is a Christian mentoring program that seeks to come along side young men in the journey towards manhood by providing spiritual development, academic support, and life skills. Our mission is to disciple young men on the journey to true biblical manhood. Our mission is to disciple young men on their journeys, and we collectively do our best to model true masculinity, but ultimately point them to Jesus who is the full embodiment of what it truly means to be man. We desire to see young men who flourish because they turned to Jesus to help them answer the question of what it means to be a man.

“For me personally, just having the opportunity to invest in the lives of young men is a blessing. Some of our kids don’t have an earthly father/older brother figure in their lives, it’s a really powerful feeling to be able to stand in that gap all the while pointing them to their heavenly father.” — ChrisRyan

Contact: Wil Sekajipo