Mobile United

We are a multi-ethnic group of young adults made up of singles, married couples, and families with young children. This is a safe and fun place to be as we enjoy dinner every week before exploring the teachings and life of Jesus. It does not matter if you’ve never read the bible, or have studied it for years, the environment is set up for anyone to engage and be free to ask questions. We are learning what it means to be the church of Jesus by exploring community, mission, and worship together. We meet in a simple way that enables everyone to lead and take risks, growing in the leadership and gifts God has given them. We encourage all members to be active in asking other if they are interested in learning more about Jesus. This includes joining local existing communities to meet new people. Some examples are running groups, ‘new mom’ groups, groups that meet to learn Spanish, and meeting co-workers or classmates. We do not always find people that are open to Jesus in the groups we join. However, we understand that this is part of taking risks for Jesus, and do not see it as a failure. We move on finding a new group to be a part of. We love trying new ideas for meeting and building relationships with people, so come and bring your ideas. Join our community and grow in the gifts God has given you while taking risks for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God here in Tampa.

 Contact: Ray Twetan