Missionary Toolkit

This is the missionary toolkit, with a brief and unsatisfying description. Feel free to reread this paragraph until you have achieved the illusion of having read quality content.


Every missionary has a journey - from your initial experience with Jesus, to the moment you answer your calling, or for those who have been on this journey for many years. Our stories are so complex and unique, but in many ways they are also similar. As we continue to interact with and meet hundreds of missionaries, we've put considerable thought toward investigating new and existing research in the greater Church that can help us. We have also been gathering together our common experiences and using our discoveries to fuel the creation of resources, patterns, and documents that specially identify with the worlds of our microchurch leaders.

This page has a handful of resources that we have used and created over the last decade which have been helpful in shaping our conversations and the understanding of our community. These documents have proven helpful in giving us the words and frameworks that have allowed us to understand each other, and join our collective story.

Whether you are a part of our Underground family, or just looking for ways to think about your missional life, we believe these resources are made for you.