If you are currently leading a microchurch and would like to use space in the HUB, please read the following expectations:

  1. Rooms must be put back in the order in which they were found upon arrival, and trash must be taken out.
  2. Notify us of cancellations at least 48 hours in advance of the agreed upon event date. 
  3. If any items are damaged or broken during your event, let us know immediately. 
  4. Setup and teardown must take place within time reserved.

We desire for our facility to be as accessible as possible to you and your microchurch. In order for it to be a safe place during non-business hours, we need to have someone watch over the building and lock up at night. On Monday through Thursday evenings, the Underground will pay to have security personnel around during any event or meeting. Before your event, we will contact you to discuss rental fees and prices depending on which rooms you reserve.  If you would like to have an event or meeting on Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday, there is an additional $10/hour fee which must be added to your event cost to cover the cost of security personnel. If you are planning an event at the same time as another microchurch, that fee can be split, costing each of you $5/hour. We are excited about our new space and hope that it will be a blessing to the work you’re doing. To see other ways we can be of assistance to you while you plan your event, read about our event coordination. If you have any questions, please contact kelli@tampaunderground.com.

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