From Disciple to Leader

The Leadership Training Course is designed to equip and empower emerging leaders in our microchurches. This curriculum serves as a bridge between the foundations class, where a new follower of Jesus is taught the foundational aspects of Christianity, and the Elders In Training class, where a leader is trained to to lead a ministry and/or start a new ministry. This class will both prepare a Christian to take a step into leadership and guide them through the journey of being developed as a servant. The goal of this training environment is to establish a new leader in the theological concepts of leadership as well as equip them in the practical disciplines that would be needed in order to lead within a microchurch.

In addition to attending a 2 hour class every month, the students will meet with their current microchurch leadership to debrief and process the information given in the session. Therefore, each student must be sponsored by the leader they are currently or preparing to serve with. This allows a developing leader to receive specialized training without removing them from the discipling relationship already existing. It provides more applicable homework each month.

The classes will be on the 4th Monday of every month, hosted at the HUB.

Below is a breakdown of the classes that will be offered in the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 session.



1 Servant Leading

Whereas the world has a certain image in their mind when they think of a leader, Jesus and his Word shows us a different approach. This class will cover the biblical perspective of leadership and how this concept must be considered and applied through the posture of a servant. The topics discussed in this class will serve as a foundation for the rest of the modules of the course.

2 Self-Feeding and Spirit Filled

A leader needs to be able to help walk with other people and help them grow closer to Jesus. This presupposes they know how they are able to do that for themselves. This class would cover the discipline of being in the word and spending time in prayer. The result of abiding in Jesus should be the filling of the Holy Spirit and the opportunity to walk and lead in the Spirit.

3 Making Disciples

It is all well and good to go through life and serve people and lead ministries, but if we aren’t being faithful to Matthew’s great commission, our fruitfulness might only extend a generation or two. It is vital, not only for our own ministry, but more importantly for the kingdom that we know how to invest in younger believers and raise them up to be leaders as well, eventually sending them out to lead and pilot their own work.

4 Character

A leader can know all the greatest methods and have all the greatest tools, but if their character and attitude doesn’t look anything like Jesus, they will more quickly repel Christians and non-Christians than attract them. It is important that our lives are bearing the fruit of the Spirit and our character is a testimony, just as our words and strategy ought to be. This class will cover topics concerning growing kingdom character.

5 Able to Teach & Communicate

As a leader continues in ministry and finds herself serving people, the need to be able to teach and communicate will be essential. This class will cover the basics of how people learn and how to be a good presenter and storyteller.

6 roles & Teams

Leaders should never, if possible, serve alone. Jesus sent his disciples out in teams and we ought to find ourselves serving in teams as well. However, whenever people come together for work and ministry there can be, on the one hand, a situation where someone isn’t operating out of their strengths or, on the other hand, conflict between the teammates. This class will cover team dynamics and strengths of individual leaders.

7 Living a missional life

Within the life of a microchurch, we should find ourselves busy with worship, community and mission. Worship and community tend to come more easily to most, whereas the lifestyle of mission can be quite daunting and intimidating. This class will cover the theory and practice of a leader engaging the lost and poor through living a life of mission.

8 Lifelong learning

As the course comes to a close, it is necessary for these new leaders to know their training does not end with a quick, 8 class curriculum. We are responsible as Christians, not just leaders, to stay healthy in our relationship with God and sharp in our theology and missiology. This class will cover the topics of leaders living a life of continual learning.


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