have kids in your microchurch?

These resources include activities and simple lesson plans that can be used during your microchurch time.


Thanks so much for investing in our kids!  You've entered into the calling Jesus gives us to welcome the little ones, the least of these, those who have no power or status, and to care for them. 

Before Jesus-followers affected the world, kids were often thought of as property, expendable, and a drain on inheritances. It was common for fathers to discard unwanted children, but Jesus has changed much of that mentality worldwide through his people. We step into that inspiring legacy and join him in loving the least. Thank you for showing us again how to tangibly take up the joy-filled cross of a servant and walk in the counter-cultural way of love for those who cannot repay you.

Our heart is for you, our volunteers, to be blessed by the sacrifice and service you provide for kids church. It is a sacrifice to serve these children and it is a joy to love the little ones and see them begin to take steps towards Jesus.

One way we hope to bless our volunteers is to grow flexibly as the demands of kids church increase. We want to increase your choices and freedom as you come to serve alongside our children.

All volunteers must have a background check and mandatory safety training. Once this is completed you are free to sign up for any time to serve. Contact Berthine to begin this process. 

If you volunteer to be a helper we are asking you commit to filling five slots every six months (if you double up its only three Sundays!). We ask parents to sign up for their five slots at the time of registration for scheduling purposes. Please spread your five time slots out over the course of six months if possible. 

We ask that any child not join other kids if they have any symptoms 24 hours prior to coming to children's church.  If a children's church worker notices these symptoms such as runny nose that is not clear, runny nose that is clear (unless due to known allergies) active cough, or fever they will ask a parent to pick up their child.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.