InterVarsity UT

I am sitting here at my desk, anxious, awaiting the start of the first ever Faith and Business event at the University of Tampa. We have longed for some time to be able to communicate to the determined and success-driven business student that Jesus has a voice in the marketplace; that there doesn't have to be a dichotomy between Faith and Business. Far too often we see a void of spirituality in the hearts of business students that is often replaced by the success that the world has to offer. Too often we see students that are made in the image of God finding their image (and worth) in dollar bills. This, however, is just a microcosm of a greater problem.
There are 7,000 students at the University of Tampa of many majors and career paths. They are all looking for identity in something, and they will all find it — in a relationship, academics, or Greek life. There are many options, but very seldom are any of them Jesus. The University of Tampa students are in need of a way to encounter Jesus, and for him to be a viable option to base identity and community around.

InterVarsity at the University of Tampa is trying to do just that, providing a space for students to find a family, a community, and a group that is trying to follow Jesus on a campus that says that Jesus is irrelevant.

We have several different small groups throughout the week that are looking at the person of Jesus through various lenses and trying to missionally expose Jesus to different pockets of darkness on campus. We also meet once a week on Thursdays as a large group at 8pm to grow as a family and be encouraged collectively as a missional community on campus.
Simply, we just want to give every student the opportunity to respond to Jesus.

Contact Information: Camara Bensinger