InterVarsity USF

On the main campus of the University of South Florida, InterVarsity works to gather, serve, equip, and empower a student-led movement towards Jesus and His Kingdom. Adriana Abuchar, Erica Cannon, Alison Haupt, and myself have the privilege of standing behind small groups of students as they look to spend every credit hour, every intramural game, and every late night dorm conversation to see Jesus be known as Lord at USF and in the lives of students and faculty. As small groups of courageous students make decision after decision to submit their college careers to Jesus and call the campus to submit to the Father and His work, they are being prepared to go out into the world: into workplaces, families, soccer practices, and board meetings where they will need to continue their submission and call to Jesus. 

College students are making decisions that will shape the trajectory of their lives. It’s a crucial time for anyone to leave home, study, and choose what they will do with their lives; an opportunity that only 1% of the world is allowed. Therefore it is essential to come alongside every student and walk with them, as they are challenged by Jesus to live lives that will aim to see the Kingdom come. 

Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. We believe that in a world consumed by materialism, the love of power, and moral blindness, the world will be changed through students that are being transformed by Jesus, campuses that are being renewed as the Kingdom comes, and those students being sent out as they graduate.

Please pray as we work to see disciples made in every corner of our campus; that we would be moved by Jesus and fixated on him. 

Contact Information: Josh Haupt