InterVarsity HCC

Hidden within every unwanted place is the depthless beauty of God. He is so smitten and proud of such places that he will not allow its radiance to be unrecognized for long. This year the Holy Spirit has moved powerfully, provoking blind eyes to shed their apathy towards Hillsborough Community College, and our eyes are among the ones blessed to become open to behold the beauty, dignity and potential of HCC. This year InterVarsity has continued to plant new chapters at HCC, spreading seeds generously to give many students the chance to respond to Jesus. With three out of the five campuses (Dale Mabry, Ybor, Brandon) being reached, and soon a fourth (South Shore), God has graciously met our risks and faith with a growing fellowship. We are praising him for new ministry partnerships, new leaders, new bible studies, and non-Christians giving their lives to Jesus! 

In divine defiance, God continues to release HCC students from existing within the cold shadow of USF, UT, and other traditional colleges. Rather than a place to be adrift or a place to rush out of, God is defining HCC as a place to love and meet Jesus. We are rejoicing as we witness Jesus uncovering the gifts and passions of these incredible students. We look forward to another year of walking alongside them while many boldly live out their calling and others begin to discern which part of God’s harvest is reserved for their labor on campus.

“Intervarsity has been a place not only for spiritual growth, but also for building friendships with people I otherwise probably wouldn’t have met. Being part of a small group has also made me open up more and has helped me understand the importance of accountability and acceptance towards others. I am much more encouraged now to take on leadership, and compared to last semester, I definitely feel like I am part of a community and not just another student at HCC.” — Naomi Ogidan

Contact Information: Russell Gaither