Holistic Discipleship Workshop

Every microchurch needs to have a discipleship plan and understand how it connects with the broader Underground programs.  Wherever you are, whether you have a specific strategy or organic approach, this workshop is designed to help you develop and maximize your discipleship plans within the context of the Underground movement. Because of the importance of discipleship and the unique challenges within the Underground we are strongly suggesting that every microchurch participate and bring key leaders to this workshop. 

October 14

  • 6pm at the HUB
  • Dinner available (pitch in $5 to defer costs)

What to bring:

  • Your leadership core who are critical in developing and implementing your discipleship plan
  • Any discipleship materials you use

What to expect:

  • Eat together (dinner provided)
  • Learn  an alignment tool to clarify the interplay between your microchurche's discipleship plan and the Underground's programs
  • Hear how some microchurches have implemented unique plans to make disciples
  • Maximize your discipleship plan during a workshop time giving you a space and coaching


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