I'm a creative, designer, music lover, and avid foodie, but more importantly the Coaching Support for the Underground Network in Tampa, FL. I provide not only the necessary resources and connections for newly added microchurches, but I extend my hand and walk each of them through who we are and why we exist, to assist their microchurch with their missional calling. By creating multiple touch points through leadership coaching, new microchurch meetings, and personal communications, the Coaching Department plays an integral role for the Underground and helps to welcome each new microchurch to their new family, in which I am honored to be a part of.

My Life

I am newly married to Omar and we are taking it in daily. He goes along with my foodie aspirations and we enjoy deep conversations over Mr. Penguin Italian ices or slushies and reminiscing about the 90's while playing Mario Kart from time to time. We are both a part of Kindred home church, while he mentors young men through Mshauri and I mentor young women one on one. We are fully committed to the furthering the gospel and God's kingdom.

With this, I've chosen to dedicate my life to restoration of God's people and reconciliation through His sacrifice and resurrection. Would you join me in being the hands and feet of Jesus to His body and our world in this way?

How you can help:


I am looking for those who would come alongside me and ask our Father for guidance, provision and strength to be a light in the darkness. Without this, my efforts are in vain. Would you consider joining my team through prayer and spiritual support?


My fundraising goal for the Coaching Department is $15,000, which goes towards trainings, supplies and resources. Without these I could not support the leaders that come seeking guidance, clarity and a listening ear.  Would you consider joining my team by giving to the advancement of the kingdom?


Thank you for taking the time to hear my heart and for choosing to join me in this journey!