Facilities Management Internship

Working with the Facilities & Events Department will include these development deliverables:

  • Goal Setting and Evaluation - You will write down a handful of goals to be completed and evaluated over the term of their internship

  • Professional Character - You will grow in the knowledge of servant leadership and experience of teamwork.

  • Customer Service Mindset - You will work on customer service skills in real world interaction with rental clients.

  • Resource Allocation & Time Management - You will observe how our time and finite resources are spent.

  • Building Maintenance - You will assist in completing a repair, new build, or maintenance project.

  • Event Coordination - You will learn what is needed to plan and execute an event.

  • Event Management - You will be expected to work at least one major UG event with the team. You will be able to observe how teams work together to pull off large scale events.