There is a lot that goes into putting on an event. Part of the work is figuring out exactly what is needed and where to start. I would love to help you plan your event or, at the very least, remind you of details that need to be considered for your event. I also want to relieve you of additional work that could affect your time in other areas of ministry. If you have any questions or suggestions of how I could be of greater assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Menu of Services


Whether it’s brainstorming different elements or planning the schedule, I can join you in thinking through the event’s details. 

Reservations & Location

Venue – If you are wanting to use the HUB for your event, I can check our calendar and work with you to choose dates for your event. Our rates are as follows: 

Auditorium: $50/hour with sound, $20 without sound

The Box: $40/hour with sound, $10 without sound

The Banquet room: $40/hour with sound, $10 without sound

If you'd like to have an event or meeting Saturday or Sunday there will be a $10/hour charge for security to unlock, monitor, and lock up the building.

If you are wanting a different venue for your event, I would be glad to suggest other venues or help you look into spaces in Tampa or wherever you want it to be held. 

Hotels – If you have guests coming from out of town that need hotel rooms, I can contact the hotels in our area for their group rates and help you reserve them based on your needs. 


If your event involves any sort of catering or meal time, I can research different options and place an order depending on your needs and preferences. I can also remind you of details like utensils, cups, serving spoons, etc.  


If you have people from out of town or are looking to take everyone somewhere during your event, I can research options and provide you with quotes from public transportation to rental cars, coach buses or anything in between. 

Coordination with Other Staff

The Underground Staff is available to all leaders in our network but if you’re ever unsure of how they can help or who to go to, I can clarify their services and communicate with them about different projects they could help with, such as: 

Media Department (Drew & Jessie) – If you need promotional items, design, websites, online registration forms, etc. for your event.

Music (Anthony) – If you would like a worship band for your event or are interested in having someone run sound (mics, music, etc.) during your event. 

Fees (Brook) – If you need a method for collecting money/fees during your event.

Setup and Facility Needs (Jordan) – If you needs tables, chairs, a projector, tablecloths, stools, or anything else from our facility for your event. 


Printing – I can help print schedules, manuals, information packets, or any other paper materials you need. 

Lists – If you’re nervous about missing a detail, I have general lists that we can go through of things to consider for events.

Registration – I can update, manage, and monitor your registration forms for any important details or changes and to keep the rest of your team informed of the participants. 

If there’s anything else that I could help with, please do not hesitate to ask. I want to do whatever I can to make sure that your event honors God and is a blessing to others.