Elders in Training

Welcome to the online home of Elders In Training. Here you'll find everything you'll need to complete the course, whether you're taking it with us in Tampa, in an online cohort, or in a different city with a different movement. Feel free to use this site as need be for your education. We ask that you not share the password to this site with anyone not currently enrolled in the curriculum, and that you keep the material to yourself and not share it with anyone not currently working through the class. This is all designed around the assumption that we'll use this responsibility, so that we can keep it open to you with out needing to monitor activity.

What follows is, first, the links for the individual assests and resources you'll need. Descriptions will ehlp you use them correctly. Below that you have each class listed with the recorded playlist for the lecture, the corresponding handout and the quiz for the class.



To read the layout, overview, requirements, expectations and covenant of elders of the course, use this link to download the introductory packet.

Download the packet

Buy The book

If you'd like a book that has the curriculum, requirements, expectations and covenant of elders, handouts, and quizzes in them you can purchase them here.

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