Elders in Training


Welcome. This is our course for those who are currently leading a microchurch and seeking eldership. This course is designed around a 12 month modular curriculum focused on topics we’ve found to be particularly helpful when directing a missional community. We’ve structured Elders in Training in such a way that allows you to jump in at any month and immediately take part in the training. We meet at 6:30 on the first Monday of every month (excluding December). Our sessions combine a mixture of lecture, discussion, and reflection. Following each class, you’re given homework which helps you contextualize the topic for that month. We charge a one time cost of $50 for the the 11 month course.

You’re welcome to look over the curriculum and read over the course in finer detail.

Download the packet

If you are currently leading a microchurch and would like to take part in this training, you’re welcome to apply to be a part of our current cohort of elders in training.