Communication, Marketing + Media INTERNSHIP

Working with the Communications Department will include these development deliverables:

  • Create a Voice - You will learn how to develop, create and curate an engaging voice through content for social media accounts.
  • Develop an Audience - You will learn how to analyze and build an audience for social media accounts.
  • Effective Communication - You will develop strategies for effective marketing and communication to an organization of over 500 people.
  • Website Management - You will learn how to make, edit and manage webpages through Squarespace.
  • Registration Systems - You will learn how to create complex registration forms and you will learn how to run and manage a registration system for medium to large events.
  • Editing and Publishing Blogs - You will develop writing, editing and publishing skills for the Underground's blog publication.
  • Live Streaming Events - You will learn how to record, edit and post live stream video and audio. You will also learn how to live tweet during a medium to large event.