COST: $20 (includes lunch & book)

TIME: 9:00 - 5:30

On September 21st, we will gather as a community to listen to God and consider how he made us with the purpose of discerning our calling. If you have been walking with Jesus, serving in your microchurch and you sense it’s time to better understand what God made you for, join us for the 2019 Calling Lab.


The Calling Lab is the training environment we created to help people discover their calling. Calling is a difficult concept to fully understand, as it involves many different aspects and dynamics. Because of this, we build this platform to be a series of workshops that allows you to look at several different parts of how God made you. We'll look at some objective truths about who you are (like personality, vocation, and your story) as well as some subjective clues (like your emotions, counselor input, and listening prayer). We bring all of these ingredients together to create kind of calling recipe that might help you see the fullness of how God made you.


This course is for anyone who has been walking with Jesus for a while, serving in a ministry, and is ready to better understand what God had in mind when he made you. If you've already heard your calling once, there is still something for you in this course. We believe it's good to revisit your calling in different seasons of your life in order to hear God anew and allow him to confirm your work or adjust it. If you're new to walking with Jesus, this course might help you farther on down the road. Our Foundations curriculum might be a better fit for you right now.


There are 2 pre-tests you'll need to take before coming, as well as setup a coaching meeting for the 4:30 session. When you register, you will receive a follow-up email to walk you through these steps. Keep in mind that we'll also meet for most of the day on Saturday.