Breaking Boundaries

Worldwide, the Deaf are in the top three unreached people groups, and in America less than 1% of the Deaf community is Christian. We recognize this grave statistic and cry out to God. Last semester at our bible study, we saw one friend come to Jesus as a result of seeing the bible in his language (American Sign Language) and studying the story of the woman at the well. Over the summer we went to Honduras for six weeks, and in the short time there, two of the deaf accepted Jesus as their Savior and three were baptized. When we returned in the fall our weekly bible study changed into releasing the Deaf to evangelize in their lives as they attend different colleges. One member from the bible study has started his own bible study weekly with Deaf adults. We have also began equipping and empowering those near and far to start Deaf ministries, and we’re praying about where we can partner, encourage, and empower those serving the Deaf. Our prayer is to see Jesus reveal himself to them as healer, as Father, and as Lord to the Deaf community. 

Contact: Alissa Matiya