Final Budget Total

Beloved Community,

I knew I was asking a lot when we set the budget this year. In the end, our job is to faithfully steward the money our community pulls together; whether that is $500 or $500,000. I know that for many of you this is the first time you have ever made some kind of giving commitment, and for others it was a stretch to commit the amount that you did, but I think for all of us it is a joy and a liberation to give to something we know will honor God and bless the world.

It is my joy to annouce that, as of this morning, our small community has pledged to give $615,000 in the coming year. This is the most money we have ever committed and it is a massive confirmation of our love for each other and for the God who gives us all we have.

Again, thank you to all who have promised. Now we can get back to the work each of us has been called to do. As you stay faithful to these gifts we will continue to thrive.

Personally, I have found that setting up an electronic funds transfer that comes out of my account each month is the easiest and most certain way to keep the commitment that I make in giving. So if you are interested in setting that up with us, here is the information you need to do that.

I love you all and I am ready to get back to serving alongside you for the glory of the name of Jesus.

Brian Sanders