So close... Year end giving numbers

Thank you. 

As another year comes to a close I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of you who gave sacrificially this year. I ask a lot of you (which is fitting for kingdom people) but I never take you for granted. I know that every gift, both big and small, that was given from a place of conviction and sacrifice is more than just money for the cause, it is a gift received by God. 

We set a goal of $558,000 this past year, and as of today you have faithfully given $550,000. You are all amazing. If you are still planning/willing/wanting to give, there is time to make a gift and help us reach our goal.

If you were not able to give what you promised or what you had hoped please don't let that be a source of condemnation, we love you and so does God. Just come ready to Core Sundays to invest in 2014.

As prophetic as our community has been, the way we give money (both personally and as a corporately) has to be one of the most tangible ways we authentically express our love and dream of a world ruled by Jesus. This kind of thing shows that we really mean it. 

Because I am always thinking about the future I cant wait to see what we will be able to accomplish together in 2014, But before we jump into all that, I wanted to at least stop for one breath to count and recount the grace of your giving in the year that just passed. 

It is the privilege of my life to lead you. 

Brian Sanders