New HUB News


It does not look like we are going to be able to meet for Crucible in our new building this weekend, so spread the word about that.

In every phase of our growth as a movement we have been nomads. This is nothing new for us, and it reminds us that we are not defined by the place we meet but by something that cannot be touched or measured. We are a part of an invisible reality that has more to do with the place we occupy in the heart and mind of God. We are something because he says we are, because of the way he sees us.

Still, some encouraging news about the new HUB: We had a meeting with the city today and it looks very promising that they will allow us to use the space next weekend (even though it is still not completely finished), we just have to scramble to get some things in place for you guys. If all goes according to plan, we will be able to have our first service next Sunday, February 9th — but stay tuned. 

Finally, if you haven’t already, today is the last day to pledge. Take a minute and do that so that we can count your giving commitment with everyone else.

Thank you for your prayer and patience. 


Brian Sanders