How to choose your First Seven Fast

Will you consider joining the UNDERGROUND community in our first seven fast? For the first seven days of 2014 we are inviting all our people to practice the discipline and joy of fasting and prayer.

Everyone can participate in some way. Food is the most obvious, but that can be tricky for people who work physically strenuous jobs, or others of us who have health challenges that might make it unwise.

So how can you participate?
If you work physically taxing job you might consider not eating after dark. Or you might consider not eating at all but taking some calories through a nutrition shake like Ensure or some other liquid option.

Or you could fast from someting else entirely, like media, entertainment or your phone. The key is to feel it; to notice that something is missing and hopefully even creating a little time in your life because it is. The dual realities of being hungry but also unoccupied by eating creates an amazing opportunity to pray. Still, to only fast and not pray is the worst kind of spiritual mistake. You get all the drawbacks but none of the benefits. So, dont forget to turn this season of denying yourself something from earth into a season of asking for something from heaven.

But if you have never fasted before, dont try to go for 7 days. Try for the first 1 or 2 days. If you have done shorter 1-2 day fasts before why not set a goal of the first 3-4 days. This way you are growing and challenging youself.

But please remember, this is not a contest. you dont need to feel any guilt or inadequacy about taking on a shorter or different kind of fast. Fasting for seven days is not necessary to be loved by God or a part of the UNDERGROUND. It is just a challenge we are issuing to inspire us to pray and to remind us of our dependence on God for the coming year.

I have a genuine sense of anticipation about this year, that we are going to need to be sharp and deeply connected to Jesus to sieze its opportunities and face its challenges.


Brian Sanders