"He Is Close"

Our Core Sundays were again a beautiful and formative time. Thank you to everyone who participated. I was particularly moved this year by Kenny's painting and Brad's poetry. I asked Brad if I could post his poem, so here it is.

He is Close - Brad Everett

After death there is always something else with our God

Closer than the air that fills our chest, He is not a far God

He is close

He is close

And he chose to give you his words- His laws

That have the power to resurrect

If only you would be strong and courageous

He ain’t through with you yet.

If only we would let His blood save us

We would find that broken jars are meant to be fixed

And that broken hearts will always beat

Because our God gives us something our bodies should never reject

His words-His laws


Which are the carriers of His grace and His Love

And he was 

The neighbor who did not pass us

But we are-the criminals and victims of sins condition

That needed his care lest we die while from his presence-sin’s prison.

But after death, there is always somethin’ else with our God

Closer than the air that fills our chest, He is not a far God.

He is close

He is close

And he chose to give us his Laws-

His words that have the power to resurrect

These are promises always kept-never lost

But come to Him- We could not

And yet-He stops-for us…this is God!

And who has sold all their possessions for a pearl in the field

Who has left greatness for a wayward bride

And be willing to die so that He might find her adorned in garments that heal

These are white robes that appeal the condemnation and condition of sin

This is Jesus, he is the seed and sower-He is the word that seeps within

Spread upon our hearts so that we might grow more-in Him

In his likeness

So that the slightness of our view of His love would be an inverted blindness

An ever growing bias for love sent to us from the highest

Fight for it! Fight for it!

Fight for the Lion

Who has swallowed up evil and searched history to find one - Ewe

And are we not immortal 

Warriors who carry words that are lethal beyond our imagination

Soldiers who lay down our weapons because death cannot defeat our mission

Nor our faith in

The King of kings whose power knows no end 

And are we not FOREVER because we said yes to Him.

And are we not STRONG!

And are we not COURAGEOUS!

When we wave bloodstained flags because we chose not to hold on 

To our lives but instead gave them

To the one True God who created-men

And now chooses to remake those who maimed Him

Those who crucified and tried to contain him.

But after death, there is always something else, With Jesus 

Closer than the air that fills our chest 

He is the only one who will not leave us

He is close 

He has always been close 

And he chose to be us

And his words 





His words



Miracles that make the weak strong

They Dance 

And Create

They Are truth

And they save

His words


And admonish

They are power 

And they astonish

His words embrace

And remind us

That he will always find us

They awaken

And give life

And they claim us 

As His right

Our God’s words illuminates our being 

With His light forever seen

And we are the redeemed ones

And our God’s love is freedom

And are we not God’s Children-heirs with the risen Son that never sets…

If only we would be strong and courageous

He is not done with us Yet


Brian Sanders