Connecting with Core Sundays Online

If there is anyway for you to physically be there the next two Sundays please do. But we know that there are some extenuating circumstances and lots of UNDERGROUND people scattered around the country so we will be live streaming the event.

Also, for locals, we are offering a round table discussion style event to unveil and explore our budget (and money priorities in general). These budget dinners are free but you have to RSVP online. You can do that here.

Finally, we want to offer an online pledge option this year. If you can't make it in person to the final Core Sunday celebration or you just are ready ahead of time to make your pledge we would love for you to do that here. We would like to get everyone to pledge online ahead of time but for those who don't (and even those of us who do) we will still use the paper pledge cards as a symbolic gesture of our personal commitment.


Brian Sanders