Budget Dinner(s) Q & A

Because we value transparency in our use of money (both in our giving and our spending) we always make our Network budget available to everyone. Each year, I have presented the budget and opened the floor for questions.  Typically there are very few, which I attribute to three possible factors. 1) We are already on board and all of our questions have already been answered. For most of us, this is not the first UNDERGROUND budget we have seen and supported and because the changes from year to year are not major, peoples questions or concerns have already been addressed in previous years. 2) There are too many people in the room. It could be that the size of the gathering makes some of us reluctant to ask a question. 3) We don’t really care about this kind of thing. Some of us just don’t worry too much about how the money is spent, we trust the leaders making the decisions and feel good about giving because we know that God is in it.

Given all of those reasons, I have decided to move this part of our core Sunday program to a smaller format.


You can choose one of three nights to come and hear a short presentation of the budget, enjoy a meal and ask any questions you might have. By taking it out of the main gatherings I think I can address all three of these factors.

By making it optional, those who are already fine with the budget they see in Foreground, simply don’t need to attend. And then by making the venue smaller and more relational those who do want to come, to listen to a more detailed presentation and possibly ask some questions, they can do that in an environment more conducive to Q &A.

The three nights to choose from are Monday (Jan 20) Wednesday (Jan 22) and Friday (Jan 24).

6:30-7:30 in the OLD HUB, east classroom.

It is free (although if we have a large turnout we may ask for some small contribution) but all we ask is that you RSVP ahead of time so that we can make sure there is enough food.

You can do that here http://tampaunderground.com/budget

Brian Sanders