Summer Crucible Change - Brian Sanders

Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it.
- Hebrews 4:1

Although free from the burden of the law, the Spirit leads us back to the heart of the law which contains principles that give life, that were not meant to be a legalistic burden but a life giving practice. Rest is like that. We were created by God to work. To work hard and to create in a way that glorifies the creator God.

It is our practice in the Underground to not only preserve a weekly Sabbath but also a break in the summer. We run more classes in our summer institute in order to provide our missionaries with time for reflection and personal development. If you lead or are a part of year round ministry I really recommend you find a way to take at least some kind of break. This summer rhythm, in addition to restoring us personally, also creates a healthy dynamic for our ministry. It gives us a clear end to the year (for celebration) and a clear beginning (for re-commitment).

It is in this spirit that we are moving Crucible to one service time this summer (from June to the middle of August). Our Crucible team works so hard every week to provide our wider community with two service times, I am eager for them to have a respite from that work. Some Sundays it may be a little crowded in the Cuban Club but we have the advantage of being in a slightly larger space than the Hub so for the summer this should work.

So - starting this Sunday (June 2) we are moving Crucible to 10am only. Please help me get the word out. And make room for each other. It will be fun to be back together in one room, even if it is snug, let’s enjoy it.

Drew Coffman