A Case for Twitter - Drew Coffman

One of the things I cherish most about the Underground Network is the way that it enables each person to live out Jesus' calling in their own unique way. Sometimes that means working with a new group of people. Sometimes that means making a move into a new city, or even a new continent. Sometimes communities feel called to split in order to follow Jesus best. Regardless of how Jesus' moves each person, we remain united in spirit - but it grows more and more difficult to know what is happening in each individual microchurch.

This is what makes Twitter so important: the ability to share. The service isn't just a social network - it's our chance to connect with one another in both action and prayer. If you are leading a microchurch, Twitter is a prime opportunity to praise Jesus for what he's doing in your community. It's also a place to seek Him when you're in need.

If you're leading a microchurch, make a Twitter page and then follow @undergroundvox on Twitter. You'll get to see all the amazing things happening in other communities and share your own story. If you aren't technologically inclined you can even do all of this from your cell phone. Text "SIGNUP" to the number 40404, and Twitter will help you with the process. Once it's complete then text "Follow @undergroundvox" to the same number in order to receive the Underground's updates.

The Tampa Underground will always be shifting, forming new communities and spreading to new locations. We are a community of communities, divergent but unified by Jesus. Let's use technology to bridge the gap and share what God is doing among us.

Drew Coffman