Silent Disco - Brian Sanders

I recently read about these clubs, first popular in Europe, now trending in the US, called Silent Discos. I love the irony of the name. Not even knowing what these clubs were it made me wonder, how is that possible? It’s not that there isn’t music. There is. You just have to rent wireless headphones when you come in, so you can hear the music. It’s a cool concept, people are still dancing and moving to the same music, the DJ, the lights, the party is all still present. It’s just not audible to anyone who doesn’t have the headphones on.

The concept makes me kind of laugh; it also makes me think of us. How strange must it be for people who are not plugged in? Watching the people who are?

I think the underground is like a silent disco. The music is playing; you just have to have the headphones to hear it. I think how strange we must look to anyone who doesn’t hear our music. To those marching to the melody-less sounds of this worlds system (and sometimes even church system) that says, live for yourself, take care of yourself, be safe, do what you want, et al.

Hearing the music, the melody of the voice of God calling us to act on behalf of the weak, to lay down our lives for each other and for the world he loves is a singularly unifying experience, and also strange to those who cannot hear the music. It must just look like people flailing around, some smooth, some clumsy, but all obviously hearing something that moves them, something unheard to the rest of the world.

Hearing the music is so critical for us. Since we are not like other communities, if we don’t hear the music we can’t find our place, play our part or join the movement. I realize some people check out the underground and they think it’s cool but they don’t stay because they just don’t get it. They don’t hear that music. Other people come for just a few minutes and right away they can see, they can sense, these people hear the same music I hear. I’m not crazy.

We are coming to the close of another incredible year and we have a lot to celebrate. We planted a new movement in Manila, Philippines. We have given away more money and seen more ministry mobilized than ever. We have had one of our most intensive times of prayer, our community is growing and our ministries all seem to be encouraged. We have seen more 15 new micro churches planted, but what makes it all make sense is the common music we all hear.

I think the underground is beautiful because of the common rhythm. This is what the church can be. And it is all predicated on hearing and moving to the music we hear in the calling of God. As the year comes to a close the rhythm is rest. We will not have a crucible the last 2 Sundays in December, preferring instead a communal encouragement to all of us to find some time and space to be alone and to reconnect in a personal way with that music. I strongly urge you to take the last couple of weeks of the year for reflection and renewal in your most significant relationships (with your family, closest friends and most of all with Jesus.)

Our first Sunday back together will actually be New Year’s Day which will be a joy to celebrate together. The new year will bring new challenges and new fruit as we move again, in rhythm together. We are calling a First Seven fast which you are going to hear more about in the coming weeks, and then of course our 3 Core Sundays events (January 15, 22, 29). It is going to be a dynamic and unifying month for us.

So, be ready for that by resting now. Please take some time this coming month to plug back in to Jesus, put the headphones on and get back in sync with what the DJ is spinning. It will move you.

Drew Coffman