Beloved is a ministry for single mothers. We create a space for these mothers to share their struggles, be affirmed by other mothers, and learn about hope through the love of Jesus. We are hoping to not only grow in faith, but to be a ministry that sees change in the environment of these women. With society creating such distinct roles for the mother as the nurturer and the father as the provider, single mothers have to be divided as they work full-time while also caring for their children emotionally and spiritually. We believe the Lord can lift the burden of insecurity that many carry as single mothers, and help them give their all to Jesus.

“Beloved has impacted my life by giving me the opportunity to meet other single moms like myself and gives me a break from everyday life by having me involved in different activities: prayer, games, quizzes, etc. I don’t feel alone anymore.” — Keyla

Contact: Ortheline Athey