At First Hand

“Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities.” Every year, we strive to expand our services that support health, education, and economic development in Guatemala. We carefully selected the village of El Chaparroncito in Guatemala as our target community. As with our other missions, we will bring school supplies, reading glasses, and a movie to the children and their families. Additionally we will provide blankets, toiletries and medical supplies. Our microchurch exists to provide hope and relief. We are passionate about transforming the communities we serve, and delight in demonstrating the value and potential of every life according to our Creator.

“God bless you and multiply your Work, it was a pleasure being able to share and contribute to this worthy cause! Thank you on behalf of our community and all the people who benefited!”  — Celitia Gonzalez, Elementary Teacher of El Chaparroncito Village

Contact: Luis Rodriguez