Palm Ave Apartments

Palm Ave is an apartment complex that homes people from all walks. We moved in five months ago, and have been since figuring out life here. Our dream is to be a part of the mix and sticks, culture, and movement here. In our area of town, apartments are the places of transition where unnoticed moves take place and unknown people slip in and out. We are called to be intentional in the surrounding community, but particularly here in Ashford where tiny rolling hills of moss and multicolored faces and families reside. We have dreams of Christmas caroling, and dreams of healing. We ache for relationships with our neighbors and the laughter of kids that carry in the wind. We long for barriers between race, culture, and language to crumble, perhaps over full bellies and crumbs on empty plates. We seek awareness of our surroundings. We long to learn, love, engage, and take risk. We have many ideas and dreams but it's Jesus who moves. He is with us. Let the adventures begin.

Contact Information: Sasha Mackoon